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Tanner Porter is a composer-performer, songwriter, and visual artist. Tanner has a deep-rooted passion for the cross mingling of multiple art forms. A poet, Tanner turned to songwriting early on, resulting in the release of her first album, “The Child Wrote A Poem,” a short chapter book set to music, and her second album, “The Summer Sinks,” a song cycle and concept album released in August of 2o16. Tanner seeks to use music as a vehicle for gathering her interests together; whether this be through the incorporation of original artwork into her scores and performances, the integration of dance in her pieces, or the creation of animated films to accompany her work, Tanner loves to use multiple mediums in the service of multifaceted storytelling. Her passion for folk music and traditional ballads brought Tanner to the band Ensoleil in 2014, where she performs a wide variety of Irish, Scottish, English, and Québécois tunes with band mates Nadine Dyskant-Miller, Annika Socolofsky, and Christine Hedden, all fellow composers as well as traditional musicians. Tanner has studied composition with Professors Evan Chambers, Kristin Kuster and Michael Daugherty, cello with studio cellist and former member of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Paula Hochhalter, and voice with Dr. Katie Calcamuggio-Donner and Baritone Luke Randall. She received a Bachelors in Music Composition with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan. Her love of breakfast foods is immeasurable.