Nadine Dyskant-Miller is a composer, flutist, and contra-dance musician based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Her composition draws on her background in classical music, the traditional music of Québec, Ireland, and New England, and free improvisation, as well as her belief in a lifestyle that incorporates space for reflection and contemplation.  She has composed for a range of ensembles both traditional and innovative, including orchestra, string trio, flute and singing bowls, flute and spoken word, and trombone quartet.

As a member of the bands Tunescape and Confluence, she has performed on flute and foot-percussion for contra dances in cities including Toronto, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Albany, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Concord, Montpelier, and Boston.  She has appeared at festivals including the New England Folk Festival, the Flurry Festival, Ashokan New Year's Eve Weekend, Michigan Dance Heritage Fall Weekend, Fiddlehead Frolic, and the Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend.  She attended Ashokan Fiddle and Dance camp for four years and CDSS Timber Ridge for two years, and she has taken occasional lessons from Nicholas Williams and David Canteini.

She received her Bachelor of Music with Honors from the University of Michigan, where she studied composition with Evan Chambers, Kristin Kuster, Erik Santos, and Paul Schoenfeld, and flute with Amy Porter.

Nadine will eat pretty much anything for breakfast, but her favorite is leftovers from a yummy dinner.